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Our workshops help you go deeper in your practice.

Our events help you relax and have fun!

Beginners Yoga Workshop!
with Gena Foreman
In-Studio AND Virtual
Saturday, May 21st
1pm - 3pm

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Whether you are starting from scratch with your practice or wanting to revitalize old roots, this is the workshop for you.

In this workshop we will learn basic yoga breathing techniques and how to use the breath to support the movement of the spine.


Through demonstration, practice, and an open forum to ask questions, we will explore various poses that move the spine in all range of motion: forward folds, back bends, twists, and lateral flexion.


Done primarily on the floor, this workshop is perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to re-start their practice.


Open to all ages and abilities. No experience necessary.


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Meet Your Instructor:

Gena Foreman has over 25 years experience as a student, teacher, and mentor.  Her instructions are clear and concise, offering modifications to address injuries or the special needs of her students.  Gena is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance approved teacher.  She has also earned her certifications in Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra. In addition to teaching weekly classes, Gena leads retreats, immersions, 40-hour Yoga Nidra certifications, and 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings.

Past Workshops

Yoga Nidra
Guided Relaxation
In-Studio AND Virtual
6:30 - 7:30pm
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Class passes are not accepted for Yoga Nidra

Led by Gena Foreman,
E-RYT & Certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator 
Upcoming Dates:

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Lay down. Let go. Silence the mind. Rest the body.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient method of guided relaxation practiced in the lying position that systematically guides one into a state of conscious deep relaxation.

In this state, the body and mind are deeply connected through the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the body to recharge and rejuvenate. One hour of practice provides the rest of four hours sleep and awakens the healing intelligence of the body. Other benefits include:

• Soothing the autonomic nervous system
• Enhancing mental focus and attention span
• Improving creativity and whole brain functioning
• Giving you more ease and peace of mind in daily life
• Helping create new neural pathways in your brain which can support healthy habits & routines

Yoga Nidra relaxation is very easy and you can enjoy the benefits after one session. No experience necessary. No asana.

If you are attending virtually you will need a place to lie down and props to make you comfortable such as pillow, blanket and eye cover. In-studio attendees should bring their own mat, pillow, blanket and cloth or pillow for eye cover.

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Meet Your Instructor:

Gena Foreman has over 25 years experience as a student, teacher, and mentor.  Her instructions are clear and concise, offering modifications to address injuries or the special needs of her students.  Gena is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance approved teacher.  She has also earned her certifications in Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra. In addition to teaching weekly classes, Gena leads retreats, immersions, 40-hour Yoga Nidra certifications, and 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings.

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The Lymphatic Lifestyle FB.png
The Lymphatic Lifestyle
with Nurse Dina
Virtual Only
Includes recording access for 1 week
Sat. Feb. 26th
1:30 - 2:45pm


Yoga meets the lymphatic system in the nuance of every pose. Movement is part of The Lymphatic Lifestyle as it creates the right synergy of pressure, weight, and motion, cultivating the mindfulness our immune systems need to thrive.


Nurse Dina, The Lymphatic Whisperer Founder and Certified Lymphedema Therapist, will teach the fundamentals of lymphatic function and demonstrate how to experience your lymphatic system in a yoga setting to boost your practice. Includes practical, life-enhancing information plus a guided demonstration of lymphatic-yoga postures with our own wonderful instructor, Dawn Rodrigues.


Have your mat and your questions ready for this live stream workshop in collaboration with Lotus Garden Meditation Center.


Your immune system has been in the news a lot over the past two years - let’s take a break from all that talk and spend an hour listening to it!

About Your Instructor:


As a Registered Nurse since 1988 and Nurse Entrepreneur since 2009, I built a thriving independent practice in Sacramento. My emphasis on my role as a Health Advocate emerged as the best way to help you. I’ve expertly navigated the choppy waters of the medical industry, at my patients’ bedside from the ICU to in-home care. In alignment with my integrative medicine philosophy, I’m also honored to serve my clients seeking wellness in alternative medicine. For many years, I wrestled with serious illness. As a patient myself, I believe you. I’m listening.


As a Certified Lymphedema Therapist since 2013, my expertise merged into a lymphatic massage practice. I became The Lymphatic Whisperer: my fascination and perception of this mysterious, often misunderstood, part of the immune system.


Sometimes in the pain and swelling, we find a complicated story of injury and survival. In other times, it’s just a simple lymphatic blockage. I get it, let’s move it. My purpose is to introduce to your own immune system and immerse you in The Lymphatic Lifestyle.

Nourish Your Nerves: 
Trauma Release and
Restorative Yoga

A workshop with Destiny Eurkus
Sat. Oct. 30th | 1:30pm - 3:30pm
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A single-access recording link will be sent to registrants who do not attend the live class. 

Click image to watch a video invite

Relieve the effects of deeply held trauma using unique movements that induce gentle tremors, then sink into the goodness of restorative yoga postures. 

Am I safe? This is a fundamental question your brain is asking. Every day, all day. 


Every system in your body can be depleted by the perception of danger. If something overwhelming has happened, your brain can get stuck in a pattern of predicting danger. This pattern then causes the body to chronically tighten and this can be a challenging pattern to break.


Trauma can take us to very primitive places of fight, flight, or freeze. It’s impossible to live to our fullest potential with a brain that’s constantly stuck in a “danger zone” and generating life-or-death scenarios at the slightest stimulus.


Our muscles can serve as storage houses for emotional memory. By communicating with our muscle systems, we can unravel  stuck areas that surround the body's emotional center and nervous system. 


With TRE, it’s not necessary to talk about, remember, or try and uncover all the overwhelming things that have happened to you. Simply allow the TRE exercises to evoke the body’s natural tremor response, triggering a reset of the autonomic nervous system.

Restorative Yoga postures will be weaved into the TRE practice to help break through past trauma's , old holding patterns and stuck energy to help regulate stress while nourishing your nerves! This is a grounded and safe practice for all bodies and walks of life.  Modifications will be offered.  This process of movement and deep relaxation will leave you feeling reset, relaxed and revived!

For the best experience, have the following props handy:

-A large bolster OR 3-4 Pillows

-2 folded blankets

Meet Your Teacher

Meet Your Teacher Destiny.png

Destiny’s extensive yoga training includes studying under Ana Forest (all advanced trainings), Shannon Wells, Doug Swenson, as well as training in Yoga Works, Restorative Yoga, and The Yoga Tune Up Method. She has taught several 200hr teacher trainings in the Sacramento region and the Bay Area, and has designed teacher trainings for multiple yoga schools. She also specializes in CranioSacral Therapy, Integrative Tissue Work, and Empowered Spirit Coaching. Destiny’s deep love of nature, ceremony, and shamanic studies is at the heart of her teaching. With both confidence and humility, Destiny helps each of her students in their personal journey to wellness, drawing on the healing & wisdom from her own experience of unraveling addiction, chronic pain, and self-limiting patterns. She is passionate about all she offers and is committed to walking the path of her beliefs and visions.

Live a Vibrant, Meaningful Life with Ayurveda!
Sat. July 31st | 4:30pm - 7pm

Led by Sami Doyle | Virtual Only

Realign Yourself with the Laws of Nature to Experience more Clarity, Confidence & Ease!


Craving a wholesome approach to health that delivers results without the fads and harsh restrictions?


Are you looking to transform your health, mindset and life in a way that aligns with your spiritual journey?


Join us for this fun, interactive virtual workshop designed to equip you with simple, effective tools for enhancing your health and life!

Ayurveda is a science-based health system that supports us on our journey through life. It can be embraced to improve and maintain physical, emotional and mental health, while simultaneously helping us to elevate our consciousness. Essentially, it empowers us with an understanding of how our mind-body complex interacts with our environment, and how we can take personal responsibility for our wellbeing in order to live a healthy, productive life.


Discover the principle teaching of ‘the doshas’ – 3 combinations of the material elements that express themselves within our body’s, psychology, time of life, the seasons and more. Learn how they can help us to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves, our peers and the world around us. From self-care practices and daily routine, to meditation and spiritual pursuits, Ayurvedic wisdom sets us up to live life peacefully and productively throughout all phases of our life.


We’ll be covering:

  • Developing a daily routine to support optimal health (Dinacharya)

  • The primary concepts of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

  • How the Dosha Theory relates to your everyday life.


This workshop also includes:

  • Holistic Life Audit: complete a fun self-assessment quiz (digital download)

  • Create your own tailored strategy plan for living your ideal day (digital download)

  • End with a long and luxurious guided yoga nidra & mantra meditation session

  • Plenty of time to ask questions and get clarity on your personal situation

  • A copy of Your Ultimate Body, a 12-Week Ayurveda & Yoga based Health e-Guide(digital download)

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Meet Your Instructor:

Mother of four, yoga therapist, personal trainer, and Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Samantha Doyle, is known for her gentle, simple, and effective approach to helping women achieve optimal wellbeing. Her unique method has shown notable success with helping women break the diet-confusion and burnout cycle by empowering them with simple, sustainable self-care behaviors that support optimal functioning with minimal fuss.