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Don't let distance and circumstance get in the way of your wellness!

Register for our virtual classes in Mindbody and stream them using Mindbody Live.*

*UPDATE: As of April 2023, we have transitioned from using Zoom to host our virtual classes to using Mindbody Live.  The button above will direct you to the helpful user guide created by Mindbody.

If you are used to the Zoom format, you will find the new format very similar and even more user-friendly!


Following are some things to note:

  • You will receive an email with the join link 30min before class. If you sign up after the 30min mark (you may now sign up until class start time), you'll get the join link email within a couple of minutes of registering (no more need to contact us to forward you the link!).

  • If joining from a computer, it's best to download the Mindbody Live App.  You can do this ahead of time or when prompted during the process of joining the class.

  • You must log in to your Mindbody account in order to join the class. You will be prompted to do this after clicking the join link in the email.

  • You may also join directly from the Mindbody mobile app on your mobile device or tablet.

Recording link access:

  • A recording link will still be sent within a couple hours of the end of class and will not have a 2-day limit. However, only clients with a Monthly Unlimited Pass or Virtual Monthly Unlimited Pass may view recordings.

  • If you sign up for a virtual class using a 10-Class Pass or a Virtual Single Class Pass, you must attend live as you will not have access to view the recording. See next section for an alternative option**.

Video Library:

  • Every class will now be added to our VOD (Video On-Demand) Library. The new library will be laid out in a nicer-looking and easier to use format. You will be able to filter by class title, level, and teacher to easily find the class you need! 

  • The old VOD library will still be accessible for now. You'll see 2 different tabs at the top of the MBO webpage labeled Old Video Library and New Video Library:

  • **We will have an option to purchase a Single-day access to our VOD library for the same price as a single virtual pass ($10). If you know you want to attend a specific class but won't be able to make it live, you can purchase this option instead to be able to view it in the VOD library. The One-day access pass is valid from the time of purchase until Midnight on the day of purchase (so if it is an evening class, you might want to purchase the single day VOD pass the next morning).

The challenges of the pandemic have forced us all to rethink the way we do many things - even yoga.  We at Lotus Garden have chosen to embrace these challenges as opportunities to grow, evolve, and get creative. We see this same spirit in our students, many of whom had never before participated in an online class, and are now happily incorporating our virtual classes into their daily lives! If you are apprehensive about venturing in to this new territory,  know that we are here to support you as you navigate the world of virtual wellness.

With our virtual classes, you can expect the same high quality teaching and welcoming atmosphere that you have come to expect from our in-person classes.

If you would rather talk to a real person to figure this all out though, please don't hesitate to call! We are here to make your transition to virtual classes as easy and quick as possible. 

See what people are saying about our virtual classes! Scroll down to view real  testimonials from our clients.

I have never done a virtual yoga class before the pandemic. I was missing my regular class at Lotus Garden and decided to try their virtual classes. They are amazing! All right from the comfort of your own home. Now I "schedule" my practice several times a week with the recorded videos. And I also love the live classes and seeing my regular instructors. Thank you Lotus Garden!

I am safely in my home yet am able to benefit from virtual chi gong and tai chi fusion classes. They are easy to follow - it's like having your own personal instructor. Zoom is simple to use (and I'm a technophobe) plus you can access the classes later on if you're a monthly member. I'm so glad to have these Zoom classes available - they allow me to continue taking great classes (Marty and LeeLee are especially wonderful, really amp me up as well as offering suggestions and gentle empowerment) while the studio is closed for in-person courses.

I am SO grateful for Lotus Garden's virtual classes. It's been so easy to connect via Zoom and such a gift to wake up to yoga with my favorite teachers- without even having to get in my car! I love that I can try out classes I might be a bit shy to try out in person too (no one can see me!). Thank you, dear Lotus Garden, for keeping me healthy in body, mind and spirit.


My hesitation toward Zoom Yoga, gave way to great joy and gratitude, given the circumstances of recent times. I feel connected to the Yoga teachers and the friendly and helpful staff at Lotus Garden, and it was fun to set up my own environment. The very clear instruction, visually and auditorily, made me feel at ease and helped me to be even more in tune with my body. At this time, I find it easy to navigate through the formerly complex technology involved with the computer and the Internet, and if I ever find myself in a pickle, there is always the friendly staff, within reach of the telephone, at the Lotus Garden.


The virtual classes offered by Lotus Garden have been a great way for me to continue with yoga during the Pandemic. It's really nice to practice in my own home with both familiar and new instructors. A couple of bonuses for me are that I don't need to drive to class and that when class ends I am already home so I can just relax. I took advantage of the free Friday classes to meet new instructors to figure out which ones would be best for me. While I enjoy the social aspects of live virtual classes, there are so many good and varied classes I decided to use the monthly pass program so that I have access to the video library and can take classes anytime. Thank you Lotus Garden for offering the classes. They have helped maintain both my physical and mental health over the past few months.

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