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Yoga for Anxiety Release
with Sami Doyle
(Virtual only)
Continuing through May 19th

Wednesdays 6pm-7pm

$10/class or use your pass
*Register for each class separately. It is not necessary to attend all classes in the series.

You will be prompted to sign in or create an account to register

Anxiety is one of the most commonly experienced mental disturbances, affecting many of us at one point in our lives. We’ve all experienced that hyperactive yet strangely paralyzing energy that creeps in without warning; lingering for what can seem like forever.

Anxiety is often triggered by stress – something we encounter in all aspects of our lives (especially during the challenges of the last year!). The trouble is, when we’re overwhelmed by stress and clouded by anxiety, it can be challenging to find our way back to balance.

Gain insights as to where your anxiety may be coming from and discover tips and techniques for how to manage or relieve symptoms with yoga and Ayurveda. If you suffer from anxiety, you won’t want to miss these classes!

Australian yoga therapist, Samantha Doyle, will be guiding you through a mix of dynamic flow (to help you diffuse excess energy) and calming breathwork and stretches (to help you get soothe your nervous system), with each class designed to have you feeling grounded and relaxed. Sami's personal struggle with Anxiety was influential in her journey toward yoga and meditation. It is her desire to introduce you to the tools that helped and continue to help her today.

Each class will include the following:


- Yoga asanas and breathwork for calming the nervous system
- Mantras for Healing
- Yoga wisdom for understanding the root cause of Anxiety and how to overcome it
- Ayurvedic lifestyle practices to balance the mind and body

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